Practice Makes Perfect

Hello, hello! It’s been a minute since I’ve taken to the blog. Thanks for stopping by! After spending most of 2022 on hiatus following some personal stuff, I’ve been getting back into gear. Felt like a good time for an update!

Since the start of the new year I’ve been spending a ton of time working on new material, originals as well as some exciting covers. I’m so psyched about the new songs, and can’t wait to get out and play them live. Practice, practice, practice has been the name of the game. It’s been refreshing as hell to just get back to the basics and work on some challenging, fulfilling new material.

Here’s a snippet of one new song I’ve added to the setlist, Rylynn by Andy McKee:

I’ve also been doing a lot of the glamorous administrative work that comes with a music career: reassessing how I want to use my social medias, ironing out distribution, planning next releases, and scoping out prospective venues. (And updating this website!) It’s always nice to start a new chapter, and it’s very much felt like that’s been the case here. Solid days, spending a lot of time with music and feeling a ton of progress for it. Hyped to share more soon.

For now, back to practice!

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