Dan DeVita is an acoustic rock musician based out of the Adirondack region of New York. He combines dynamic rock vocal stylings with a wide range of acoustic guitar techniques, such as the tapping and slap harmonics popularized by modern fingerstyle music, flat picking, slide work, alternate tunings, and his own personal brand of slap-strumming. Influenced by musicians like Myles Kennedy, Joey Eppard, Andy McKee, and Michael Hedges, Dan’s music is a melding of the most intense and most quietly intricate parts of the singer-songwriter style.

Dan originates from the small town of Andes in upstate New York. While he was drawn to music at a young age, it was shortly after his aunt bought him a copy of Metallica’s Black Album that his musical journey really began. A largely self-taught guitarist, Dan’s attention was split throughout much of his younger years between playing in numerous rock and classic rock cover bands, and his own solo acoustic music. He eventually went on to attend college at the State University of New York in Oneonta, where he was a founding member of the hard rock band Gravia. Gravia performed for several years and released their debut EP, The Battle, in 2010, before life drew its members in different directions.

Dan’s first solo release, the 2012 EP Vagrant, showcased his unique musical style with fan favorite songs “Broken Glass” and “Firefly,” the first to use the sorts of acoustic flourishes that would come to define his sound. He played many shows in the northeastern U.S. to support the release, and as time went on, Vagrant became the foundation for his solo act.

After that, Dan spent several years performing as the frontman for thrash/power metal band Sacred Ash near New York City. The band released their Beneath Blackened Skies EP in 2013, featuring the epic lead single “The Serpent’s Rise.”

In 2015, Dan moved back to upstate New York and returned to his acoustic roots. The following years were filled with more gigs than can be counted, as he cut his teeth on the Lake George and Saratoga music scenes, playing venues and busking. His mixed set lists of boundary-pushing original music and uncommon cover songs set him apart from the typical bar musician, featuring acoustic renditions of rock hits like “Crazy Train,” ballads like “Hallelujah,” and fingerstyle odysseys like Andy Mckee’s “Drifting.” But as time went on, Dan’s own music grew to be more requested than the covers, and his focus on his original catalog sharpened.

2020 was a year of trials and triumphs for Dan. While lockdown prevented him from getting out and playing live, it also paved the way for several new releases. “The Shape of the Great Design,” a single which was partially written while he was street performing in Lake George, marked his first solo release since the Vagrant EP. It was quickly followed up with the acoustic rock anthem “Compassion” several months later.

October 2020 brought the release of yet another batch of original music: Live at EXT, a three song performance taped live at the WEXT radio studio in Troy, NY. Recorded barely a month before the lockdown began, Live at EXT captured the energy and power of Dan’s live performances for the first time ever at studio quality. Featuring the progressive acoustic epic, “Full Circle,” Live at EXT was was a high note amidst the end of a challenging year.

2021 marks a return to some semblance of normalcy…and with luck a return to live shows, which is where Dan’s heart and soul as a musician has always resided. He is currently honing new material and old favorites in anticipation of a vibrant summer music season, and planning his next release.

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